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The Conservation Advisory Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

The CAC was created by the Town of Danby in June, 2010, and first met in January, 2011. Its purpose and authority, structure and membership, and funding are described in Resolution 2010-082. The CAC is permitted to have between 5 and 7 members.

The CAC has prepared a template easement for public review and comment.

Members of the Conservation Advisory Council As of Date: 20231004
Position Name Tenure
Conservation Advisory Council
(Appointed by Town Board, 2 year term)
Joel Gagnon 04-Jan-2022..31-Dec-2023
Katharine Hunter 03-Jan-2023..31-Dec-2024
  Mary Woodsen 04-Jan-2022..31-Dec-2023
  BRITTANY_LAGALY 04-Jan-2022..31-Dec-2023
  DON_SCHAUFLER 03-Jan-2023..31-Dec-2024
  JONATHAN_ZISK 03-Jan-2023..31-Dec-2024
  MARGARET_CORBIT 03-Jan-2023..31-Dec-2024

Upcoming Events, Wednesday, 04-Oct-2023 through Tuesday, 05-Dec-2023
Date Time / Location Zoom Info (if known) Group / Title Details
Danby Town Hall
PassCode • 423584
Conservation Advisory Council
Danby Town Hall
PassCode • 423584
Conservation Advisory Council

Laws related to CAC
Law Number Date Passed Title and Summary
#2 of 2009 08-Jun-2009  Related to the Right to Engage in Agricultural Activity in the Town of Danby

Document Type Date / Number Description / Links
Agenda Mar-2012 PDF filePDF | RTF fileRTF
Agenda Mar-2011 PDF filePDF | RTF fileRTF

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Minutes 11-Aug-2020 PDF filePDF
Minutes 14-Jul-2020 PDF filePDF
Minutes 09-Jun-2020 PDF filePDF
Minutes 12-May-2020 PDF filePDF
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