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Town Clerk Office and Contact Information
 •  Town Clerk, Danby, NY
1830 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850-9419 (US)
Telephone  •  607.277.4788
Fax  •  607.277.0559
Email  •  townclerk@town.danby.ny.us
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Recent Notices
Summary Date Added
 Town Hall Closed Due To Coronavirus 15-Mar-2020
 Town Clerk Has New Hours 01-Jan-2020
 Public Access to Documents Being Considered by Public Bodies 10-Feb-2012
 Dogs Must Be Licensed; Dog Enumeration; Fee Schedule 10-Oct-2010
 Dog Owners: Danby has a dog law 01-Jan-2010
 Policy for Use of the Town Hall Meeting Room and other properties

No Personnel As of Date: 20240526

Some concerns may be addressed directly to:

You have a right to see public records!

The Freedom of Information Law, which took effect on September 1, 1974, gives you the right of access to certain public records.

The Danby Town Board has adopted regulations governing when, where, and how you can see public records. The regulations can be seen at all places where records are kept.

According to these regulations, records can be seen and copied at the Town Clerk's Office and the Town Justice Court, both located in the Danby Town Hall. You may have to fill out a Request for Information form.

There is a charge of $1 per request, and copies of documents are $0.25/page, for standard page size. The fee for copies of the Town of Danby Zoning Ordinance is $7; copies of the Subdivision Regulations are $2.

The following officials will help you to exercise your right to access: the Town Clerk, the Town Supervisor, and the Town Justices.

If you are denied access to a record, you may appeal to the Danby Town Board.