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Code Enforcement Office and Contact Information
 •  Code Enforcement, Danby, NY
1830 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850-9419 (US)
Telephone  •  607.277.0799
Fax  •  607.277.0559
Email  •  code@town.danby.ny.us
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Thursday–Fridayby appointment
Recent Notices
Summary Date Added
 Town of Danby waives fees for Renewable Energy installations 16-Jan-2012

Code Enforcement Officers As of Date: 20240303
Position Name Tenure
Code Enforcement Officer
(Employed by Town)
STEVE_CORTRIGHT 01-Dec-2019...current

The Code Enforcement Office

The Danby Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the enforcement of local and some statewide ordinances and regulations. This generally includes:

Building Permit Applications

In order to verify compliance with the New York State Building Code, almost all construction work within the Town of Danby requires a Building Permit. This includes:

A description of the Building Permit Procedure and Instructions for filling out Building Permit Applications may be downloaded

The Application form itself may also be downloaded

The current fee schedule for Building Permits

Notice of Ground Disturbance / Area Tally Form
(to comply with Stormwater Management Regulations)

Paper copies of these forms, and others, are also available in the Code Enforcement Office.

Zoning Appeals

The Town of Danby has implemented a Zoning Ordinance that includes:

When a proposed project does not comply with the Zoning Ordinance, an appeal may be filed with Danby's Board of Zoning Appeals (the BZA, a.k.a. Zoning Board of Appeals, ZBA). Appeals may request:

The BZA Appeal form, including instructions and guidance, may also be downloaded

Paper copies of these forms, and others, are also available in the Code Enforcement Office.

Local Laws and Regulations related to the Code Enforcement office

  • Subdivision and Land Division Regulations, adopted 11-Dec-1991, with amendments through 13-Aug-2007.
  • Subdivision and Land Division Regulations, amendment dated 29-Sep-2009.
  • Stormwater Regulations; Law, and amendments to Zoning and Subdivisions, all dated 08-Feb-2010.
  • Danby Local Law 2007-1, regarding administration and enforcement of NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (The Building Code) and the NYS Energy Conservation Construction Code (The Energy Code). Adopted 12-Feb-2007.
  • Danby's Comprehensive Plan Summary adopted 22-Sep-2003, amended 12-Sep-2011

  • Zoning-related Documents
    Date Size Title
    10-Jun-2013 356 kB  Town of Danby Zoning Ordinance
    09-Apr-2012 25 kB  Town of Danby Building Permit Instructions
    14-Mar-2012 11 kB  Town of Danby Building Permit Application
    03-Mar-2014 18 kB  Town of Danby Building Permit Fees
    01-May-2013 45 kB  Town of Danby Ground Disturbance Application

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