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The Danby Gas Drilling Task Force has developed two surveys.

The first survey is an on-line version of the questionnaire about water wells, gas wells, and land in Danby, that was published in the December 2009 edition of the Danby Area News. You can find it at:

The second survey was designed to learn about what people know, think, and feel about the development of natural gas. You can find it at:

These surveys take only a few minutes to complete. Please share them with your friends and neighbors so that we hear from as many Danby residents as possible. Thank you!

Table of Contents

• Revised Draft SGEIS (2011)
• The View From Above
• Preliminary Revised Draft SGEIS (2011)
• NY Legislature Bill Search
• Rapid Waters Unit Management Plan
• Todd Miller Talk
• The NYS Draft SGEIS (2009)
• Danby Response to the NYS Draft SGEIS
• Informational Flyer
• Comparing Natural Gas to Other Energy Sources
• Alphabet Soup
• Letter Templates
• Local Documents
• Regional Calendar

The NYS Revised Draft SGEIS

The Revised Draft SGEIS was released in September, 2011; comments are due to the NYS DEC by January 11, 2012.

The RdSGEIS document is available from the NYS DEC web site.
There is a cover page which has links to each section (20 separate PDF files), to supplemental documents, and to the online comment submission page. Alternately, you can fetch the entire document (1000+ pages, about 46MB) in one big file.

The View From Above

The TCCOG's Mapping Working Group has created a presentation illustrating potential buildout of gas wells in Tompkins County and the Town of Danby.

The NYS Preliminary Revised Draft SGEIS

The Preliminary Revised Draft SGEIS was released on July 8, 2011; an update, to discuss social and economic impacts, is expected by the end of July; comments are expected to be due to the NYS DEC by September 30, 2011.

The PRdSGEIS document is available from the NYS DEC web site.
There is a cover page which has links to each section (17 separate PDF files) or you can fetch the entire document (1000+ pages, about 29.3MB) in one big file.

NY Legislature Bill Search

Search for any active New York Legislation, or use one of the "Quick Links" to bills relevant to Gas Drilling. The information is provided by the NYS Assembly web site.

General Bill Search
Summary   Actions   Votes   Memo   Text  
Summary of Bill Assembly / Senate Number
Amend Env Cons 23-0303: Home Rule Zoning and Ordinances A3245 S3472
Sen.Seward's version: Home Rule Zoning and Ordinances A8557 S5830
Add Env Cons 23-1501: Home Rule, Regulation, Disclosure, Strict Liability (No Assembly) S5879
Alters the law so that a person (or municipality) who is suing to recover damages related to drilling
has to prove only a causal connection, not negligence
A2108 S0893
Gas production contamination: response and compensation A8572 (No Senate)
Just plain and simple, in a few thousand words: fracking is illegal A7218 S4220
A moratorium on issuance of permits until June 1, 2012 A7400 S5592
A moratorium until 120 days after EPA releases its report A5547 (No Senate)
All waste from oil/gas exploration is to be treated as hazardous waste A7013 S4616
Requires screening of fracking wastewater, to avoid harm to treatment facility A7072 (No Senate)
Defines fracking; special treatment for radioactivity in fracking waste A6488 (No Senate)
Passed A+S Amends several laws; requires DEC permit for water withdrawals/diversion A5318 S3798

Rapid Waters Unit Management Plan

The NYS DEC Forestry Division developed a draft Unit Management Plan for its Rapid Waters Unit, which includes the Danby State Forest (about about 25 percent of Danby's footprint). Rules for potential gas drilling are included in the Plan; the GDTF prepared an official response.

Todd Miller Talk

Todd Miller, of the US Geological Survey, presented a talk about the Danby Aquifer on September 22, 2010. You can read thru the slides that accompanied his presentation.


The draft SGEIS was released on September 30; comments are due to the NYS DEC by December 31, 2009.

The dSGEIS document is available from the NYS DEC web site.
There is a cover page which has links to each section (15 separate PDF files) or you can fetch the entire 809 pages in one big file.
In addition, the Final Scope document, a precursor to the dSGEIS, gives some background on how the dSGEIS was prepared.

Printed copies are available at NYS DEC offices, and some libraries may have them as well, but your best bet is via the web. If you download the "one big PDF", it'll be more easily searchable for key words and phrases.

Danby Response to the NYS Draft SGEIS

Danby has prepared an official response to the dSGEIS, along with an appendix containing land use maps of Danby.

Informational Flyer

The Danby GDTF has also prepared an informative flyer highlighting gas drilling issues.

Comparing Natural Gas to Other Energy Sources

Two documents comparing Greenness / Emissions of Natural Gas with other energy sources:

  • Howarth Gas-vs-Coal Draft Document
  • How Green is Natural Gas
  • Alphabet Soup

    Alphabet Soup, expanded...
    SGEIS== Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement
    DEC== Department of Environmental Conservation
    NYS== New York State

    Letter Templates

    We have prepared three letters that you can send to our congresspeople. They talk about a law that will provide at least some Federal supervision of the type of gas and oil industry operations expected in the Danby area.

    We hope you'll send the three letters and, if you can, it would be great if you could add a personal sentence or two to each letter. In addition, to make this effort more effective, please tell your friends (whether in Danby or not) about these letters and ask them to do the same.

    This way, the people in Washington, D.C. will feel pressure from us to get this bill through Congress. Thank you.

    Here's a little bit of background about these letters:

    Local Documents

    Document List
    Document Type Date / Number Description / Links
    SCHUMER 20091001 HTML pageHTML | PDF filePDF
    RAPIDWATERS 20110514 HTML pageHTML
    POSTER 20111202 PDF filePDF
    Minutes 13-Mar-2013 PDF filePDF | RTF fileRTF
    More Minutes Documents (total of 24)

    Regional Natural-Gas-Drilling Related Events
    (for informational purposes; these are not Danby GDTF events)