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Town Board Office and Contact Information
 •  Town Board, Danby, NY
1830 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850-9419 (US)
Telephone  •  607.277.4788
Fax  •  607.277.0559
Email  •
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Recent Notices
Summary Date Added
 Town Hall Closed Due To Coronavirus 15-Mar-2020
 Policy for Use of the Town Hall Meeting Room and other properties 01-Jan-2010

The Town Board usually meets twice a month, on the 2nd Monday of the month and the Wednesday nine days later (this is usually, but not always, the 3rd Wednesday of the month). Meetings are at 7pm in Danby's Town Hall.

Danby residents who would like a subject to be added to the agenda should contact the Town Supervisor or the Town Clerk at least five days before the meeting. However, almost all meetings include an item for Privilege of the Floor near the beginning of the agenda. Anyone may speak on any topic during this period; advance notice is usually not required, but there may be a time limit.

Members of the Town Board As of Date: 20200530
Position Name Tenure
Town Councilperson
(Elected Town Office, 4 year term)
Leslie Connors 01-Jan-2020..31-Dec-2023
Frank 'Jim' Holahan 01-Jan-2018..31-Dec-2021
  Sarah Schnabel 01-Jan-2020..31-Dec-2023
  Matthew 'Matt' Ulinsky 01-Jan-2018..31-Dec-2021
Town Supervisor
(Elected Town Office, 2 year term)
Joel Gagnon 01-Jan-2020..31-Dec-2021

Upcoming Events, Saturday, 30-May-2020 through Tuesday, 30-Jun-2020
Date Time / Location Group / Title Details
Danby Town Hall
Town Board
1st Monthly Meeting
Danby Town Hall
Town Board
2nd Monthly Meeting 9 days after first meeting.

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